Should we be wearing face masks?
No they are voluntary, customers and workers who want to wear a face covering should be allowed to do so.
(guidance ref 6.1)

Why aren't you doing table service?
We are a small drinks only venue, our staff are safer working behind the bar than coming into frequent close contact with customers. We have a safe procedure for queuing, serving, and payment.
(guidance ref: 2.2)

Is it contactless payment only?
No, it is encouraged but not mandatory.
Over the last three months it has become apparent that not everyone can do this, some only use cash and others pay by cards that are not contactless, we have safe procedures to accept all types of payment.
(guidance ref: 2.2)

Is it true that we are not allowed in unless we give you our contact details?
We have been asked to assist the NHS Track & Trace by keeping a temporary record of customers for 21 days, in a way that is manageable to our business.
More details about this will follow shortly, but for now the guidance says 'should' not 'must' so we hope our customers will want to take part.
(guidance ref: 2.1)

How come you still allow dogs?
There is no current evidence that animals spread COVID-19.
(source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Why can't we move the furniture?
Because it has been set out so that our maximum capacity can be achieved and stay within the current social distancing guidelines.
(guidance ref: 2.1)

Why can't I stand somewhere to drink?
The best way to control our numbers and adhere to social distancing, is for everyone to be seated.
We have to minimise customer movement around the venue, avoid people congregating at service points, and remaining at the bar after being served.
(guidance ref: 2.1)

Why can't I use my personal glass?
We can not reuse any glass for serving ale, this would contaminate the beer pull swan neck and be passed on to the next serving.
(guidance ref:1)

Should we be ordering with an APP?

No this is only a suggestion on how to minimise staff contact with customers. However, we can see how this would be beneficial to larger food orientated pubs.
(guidance ref: 2.2)

I thought we were allowed to drink on the carpark?

To allow this the area still has to be licenced, and large enough to allow for the safe movement of vehicles and customers. Our premises licence does not cover us for this facility.
(premises licence: condition 3)