updated  4th June 2020

2 Pendeford Avenue, Claregate, Tettenhall,
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV6 9EF

Tel: 07846 562910  E-mail: hail2theale@aol.com


Thursday & Friday: 6pm - 9pm

Saturday: 3pm - 9pm

Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

Bank Holiday Monday: 1pm - 5pm

Bring your own containers and we will fill them with Real Ale or Scrumpy Cider

Social distancing and hygiene measures in place - you will be safe!
current NHS advice

4 & 8 pint Jerrycans for sale

due to the current situation we can not offer tasting samples

plenty of other items available:
bottled ales & ciders, fruit wines, pork scratchings, Snyders, pork pies

cash is accepted but card payment is preferred

sorry but we do not offer a delivery service

Best Before dates:

Real Ale in containers = 2 to 3 days if stored at 5 - 12C
Real Ale in 16 pint Bag in Box = up to 7 days if stored at 5 - 12C
(real ale has gentle natural carbonation, please note that some of this is diluted during the serving process)
Scrumpy Cider in containers = 7 - 10 days if stored at 5 - 12C

Live Beer & Cider Board

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download the free app, add us to your favourites, then turn on notifications and you will be 'pinged' every time a beer or cider changes

latest news/updates

No news yet following up Boris Johnson's announcement that he may be able to open up UK pubs earlier than he originally planned (4th July) although he has mentioned that there will be no reduction in the current 2M (6") social distance, so we patiently wait for official advice. Lots of customers are asking us when we plan to reopen, but sadly it's not up to us so we cannot give an answer.

When it does happen we expect our guidelines to be very similar to the retail sector, so we are busy making preparations while we wait, and this weekend regular visitors will notice a big difference to the layout at HttA.

One thing is for certain though, changes are on the way that may not suit everyone, but may suit others better. However, please be assured we will NOT be tempted to drift away from the traditional micropub format that we follow with passion, and was originally put in place when we opened in 2013.

We will keep you posted on any new developments.

The live beer/cider board will continue so you can always see what's on dispense, there is a link to it on our website as well as plenty of other information.

Thank you all, Angela & Gary.

At the brewery the situation is:

Brewing is now every two weeks, this weeks brew was Locked Down IPA 5.2% which is a brand new recipe featuring 3 malts and 4 hops and it will be EXCLUSIVE to HttA.

Some breweries are now back in production in anticipation of the July reopening date, we will continue to buy in the guest ales for now until beer swapping is back on the agenda. This week we will have some Titanic, Pardoe's, and Rowton.

Thank you for your support and keep safe
Angela & Gary Morton

VAT number: 164740210