If you are not aware of this new type of drinking establishment please visit www.micropubassociation.co.uk for the full story, and there is more infomation on Wikipedia, but the basic are:

  • conversion of a closed shop or similar premises

  • small in size: 30 - 40 persons only

  • limited service: usually real ale/cider only

  • limited trading hours

  • reasonable prices

  • no lager/keg products

  • no music

  • no television

  • no hot food

  • no electronic machines

So its mainly "just good ale and conversation".

After building our brewery business over the last 6 years, the addition of our own outlet was the next step. However a conventional pub with all the trimmings and long hours was always a barrier for us, we discovered the 'Micropub' format in March 2013 when there was a feature on our local TV news spot.

Small, limited hours, ale only ! it was exactly what we were after, so we started looking at properties near to our home and the brewery. We identified 2 Pendeford Avenue as a perfect location: surrounding houses, public transport links, prominent position, and even a small car park. The building was formerly a Post Office and more recently a furniture shop. We converted the shop to a pub in about 8 weeks doing most of the work ourselves, all the furniture and bric-a-brac is second hand from carboot sales, e-bay, charity shops, donated, etc. We have 4 handpulls dispensing our own and guest beers, and 1 handpull for real cider, to compliment this we sell fruit wines, pork pies, cheese, scratchings, nuts, crisps, and pickled onions/eggs.

Our promise is to stay true to the micropub model throughout, resisting the temptation to extend hours, extend the property, and add products. We will showcase all beer styles and not be another 'pale and citrusy' only pub like so many others, we will try to always have a dark ale on dispense.